Founded in 2018 by Creative Director Nika Fisher and Web Developer Dylan Fisher, Labud is a boutique studio based in New York. In an age of instant gratification, where design is oversaturated with recycled trends, Labud is dedicated to creating meaningful stories across print and digital that stand out in their authenticity.
Working collaboratively with our clients, we identify the heart of our projects and strategize how to deliver poetic and clear messages through a variety of outputs.
Our commitment to quality is apparent in our small and selective client collaborations – we take on projects that fit our mission and expect our clients to approach projects in a similar way.
As producers of culture, we take the responsibility of contributing back to our community seriously. Let’s create something meaningful together.

We Believe Design Should Say Something

Design has the opportunity to say something, and we like to give brands a voice and platform to do so. We work collaboratively with our clients to weave a narrative out of their work. Prioritizing authenticity and intention over trend, we celebrate what makes you you every step of the way.

Like Gardens,
Websites Grow

The way users interact with a website can change how the project is understood dramatically. For this reason, we try to work systematically to create a flexible website that can grow with your team and company.

All Humans Are Welcome

We want to make experiences that everyone can appreciate, and accessibility is a core part of our process. Art and design can be esoteric, and we like to bridge that gap by offering entry points while working in a designed landscape.

Our Team

Dylan Fisher
Dylan has been developing websites for nearly a decade. He has worked with many esteemed graphic designers and institutions implementing custom web experiences, both on the front end, back end and server-side. Dylan collaborated closely with Linked by Air for over 5 years, where he eventually went on to become lead developer. At Linked by Air, Dylan managed a wide variety of technical projects in cultural and education sectors, which included the following universities: Yale University, Columbia University, Skidmore College, and Williams College of Art. In addition to running Labud, Dylan teaches Core Interaction: Lab at Parsons School of Design.
Nika Fisher
Nika Fisher

Nika is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and educator based in New York. She is currently a partner at Labud, a design and development studio she co-founded in 2018. She teaches interaction design at Parsons School of Design as well as Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Nika’s aesthetic approach frequently explores the relationship between humans and technology. She is interested in highlighting unexpected organic moments that reveal our most primal interests. Additionally, she’s interested in the evolution of trends and explores the intersection between timelessness and timeliness. Professionally, her work aims to develop strong, graphic identities that stand out on a variety of digital platforms and help capture the spirit of her collaborators.