A Groovy Sound Library
Pacific Sound House was a Los Angeles based audio studio founded by musicians, Evan Koga and Louis Stephens. We helped establish a strong, graphic identity for their team and created a memorable home for their extensive sound library that captured their funky California spirit.

Catch a Wave

We explored the idea of a wave, as it related to both sound waves and ocean waves as both were present in their name and logo. Delving into historical representations of waves in art, we created a theme used throughout the website. On the homepage, a wave pattern slowly moved in the background. Four color schemes were utilized, a different one each time you land on the page.
Clicking onto the library brought back the wave theme with a special interaction.


We designed a custom audio player that stayed fixed to the bottom of the user’s browser as they navigated throughout the site. This allowed us to engage with the audience while staying on brand.
Each song had its own detail page, allowing the team to add further information. We created a custom set of icons for the mood, which was searchable on the library page.