Real Studs Vote
Studs, a New York City earrings brand, partnered with When We All Vote and to encourage the youth vote for the 2020 election. We established the look and feel for the campaign and developed a microsite, projection, and printed assets to spread the word.

Nonpartisan Aesthetic

Studs asked to help develop a nonpartisan look and feel for their vote campagin. Our design language incorporated apolitcal colors and strong, typographic moments that complimented Studs product line. Positive messaging was centered around raising voter awareness and getting more people to vote.

We designed a gestural animation that integrated voter facts, product imagery, and branded content. It was projected in Williamsburg weeks before the election.


We created a mobile-first microsite that provided information about the voter collection and links to voter resources. Lauren Martin’s illustrations were animated and integrated into custom emojis that helped keep the mood positive and spirited.

Out of Home

The digital design language extended off the screen into a set of posters around Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Why do you vote?

To help encourage the audience to vote, the website highlighted a variety of perspectives on what voting means in 2020. This was a central theme in the brand messaging, and we balanced factual information with personal stories throughout the campaign experience.

Instagram Filter

We also designed a Instagram filter to help spread awareness.